Glacial Clay Face & Body Mask

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-Tightens fine lines 
-Renews your skins elasticity
-Removes blackheads
-Exfoliates away dry skin
-Stimulates blood circulation
-Detoxify & Deep Cleanse Pores
-Clears Acne
-Good for Rosacea, Eczema & other skin disorders

-BC Glacial Clay is different from other clays as it contains over 30 trace minerals for example:
• Sodium: Natural cleanser and aids hydration. 
• Magnesium: Acts as a natural skin toner; helps to retain moisture
• Potassium: Antibacterial properties; has an astringent effect. 
• Sulfate: Works with potassium to aid in maintaining healthy skin. 

**Tip** Mix a little BC Glacial Clay with one of Affera's Face & Body Mists or water on a daily basis & gently rub around your face & neck to exfoliate and clean your pores. See instructions below to make a Mask!


Affera Cosmetics BC Glacial Clay contains over 30 Minerals!! The Natural Clay deeply penetrates your pores to help clear acne, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, removes dead skin cells, helps eczema & rosacea along with other skin disorders, improves circulation to generate new skin cells. Directions for Face Mask: Mix 1 Tbsp. BC Glacial Clay with 2 Tbsp. Water or Affera's Face & Body Mists. Apply and wait 10 minutes to dry. Use Affera Cosmetics Anti Bacterial Cloth to gently wipe off Glacial Clay. Your face will feel squeaky clean! Apply Affera's Raw Moisturizer. Directions to use daily: Apply a small amount directly onto your wet cloth and gently rub around your face and neck. Rinse & apply Affera's Raw Moisturizer. One package contains 60g and will make 6 - 8 Face Masks or may be used to spot treat blemishes.