Eye Shadow, Eyeliner & Eyebrow Liner - Onyx

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Eye Shadow, Eyeliner & Eyebrow Liner - Onyx

Beautiful Rich, Dark, Matte Mineral Shadow

Perfect as your Eyeliner - add a few drops of water, mix into a paste

Subtle brush to help fill in your Eyebrows without the obvious pencil line


Affera Cosmetics Eyeshadows & Eyeliners Do Not Contain any chemicals, preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, carmine or synthetic mica. We use only 100% Minerals. Affera Cosmetics Eyeshadow Applicators are made of foam as the minerals will "cling" to the foam applicator. The foam applicators work best when applying loose mineral eyeshadow. You can easily "pat" the loose minerals onto your eyelid without a mess and having the minerals fall onto your face like a brush would do. Our Eye Liner Brush allows you to easily draw a thin or thicker line of minerals. Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide & Iron