Chocolate Clay Face & Body Mask

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Fight Gravity with Affera's Yummy Chocolate Clay Face & Body Mask - But don't eat it!

BC Glacial Clay & Pure Cocoa deeply penetrates your pores 
to help clear Acne & Detoxify, 
tightens Fine Lines to Reduce Wrinkles,
removes Blackheads, 
helps Eczema, Rosacea & other skin disorders.

BC Glacial Clay is rated 3rd in the world with over 30 Minerals! 
The Minerals in the Clay are a Natural Antibacterial Cleanser, 
Astringent Skin Toner & 
retains Moisture to give you Healthy Younger Skin. 

Cocoa is rich in Antioxidants,
Reverses the Signs of Ageing, 
Protects Skin from sun damage &
Smells so Yummy!


Ingredients: BC Glacial Clay & Pure Natural Cocoa. Directions: Mix Chocolate Clay with water & mix into a paste. Apply on your face, body and/or feet. Allow to dry then wipe off with cloth & water. Use mask once a week. You can also spot treat any acne areas on a daily basis. 60g