Mineral Foundation Compacts

Affera Cosmetics 100% Mineral Foundation will not irritate Rosacea, Acne or Sensitive, Allergic Skin as we do not use synthetic minerals or fragrances. Our foundation is light and does not clog your pores as we do not use fillers that are known to cause irritation. Our main ingredient provides a Natural Sun Block and will help prevent dark spots from appearing, has Anti-inflammatory and Healing Properties to help reduce redness, calm inflammation, reduce puffy eyes and aid in healing acne. Our minerals are for all skin types and ages as it will not sit and cake into fine lines! Affera Cosmetics 100% Mineral Makeup is Inert....no worries about bacteria`s growing in your Affera Makeup! Affera's customer Krista wrote: "Well-made product - won't disappoint!" "I have used a couple other brands of mineral makeup in the past, but Affera's is the most well-made one I have tried, and it does exactly what we hope a foundation will do: provide lightweight but thorough coverage that looks like you are not wearing makeup at all. I have a lot of discoloration on my face due to sun damage, old acne scars, and mild rosacea - I can honestly say that this foundation blends all of these out to produce an even skin tone - people tell me I have lovely skin! The product is really finely-milled so doesn't go on looking cake-y or powdery. I apply it with a makeup sponge, and a little bit of product can cover a fairly large area - my makeup actually lasts several months even though I use it almost every day. I especially like that it also adds some sun protection, and doesn't use any preservatives - plus I think I read somewhere online that it has naturally anti-bacterial properties so that it remains pretty "clean" each time a makeup tool gets dipped into it. I am really impressed with this foundation, and glad I found it. "