Mineral Foundation-Refill

Mineral makeup is a loose powder made by crushing natural minerals from the earth. Affera Cosmetics does not use synthetic grade minerals. It is the most natural form of makeup on today’s market. Our 100% Mineral Foundation contains a naturally occurring Sun Block as well! We recommend you sample products before you purchase as there are no refunds or exchanges. Here is what our customer Ramona said: ".......Best one for me too. I was introduced to Lisa's Affera line by our naturopathic Doc... about 6-7 years ago. I've never looked back. The foundation is literally the best one I've ever used. No creasing, long lasting, natural sunscreen and easy to touch up throughout the day (without being cakey)..... As a bonus, there are ZERO toxins in her makeup. It's actually good for your skin and reduces inflammation!!! and our customer Vanessa says: "Finally! A beautiful product that is also good for my skin! Thank you for the foundation samples. I got to try them this weekend and was beyond impressed with how fresh and dewy my skin looked. The difference between this and the high end - not so good for my skin - line I was using is remarkable. I am hooked! Coverage was great, and the glow-y result was amazing. Best new makeup find for me in more than 20 years! Thank you! I am your biggest new fan!!"