Tea Tree Essential Oil Mist

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Fights Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses......great for SINUS ALLERGIES! Spray into the air and breathe in the mist through your nose to help clear your sinuses.

Helps to clear your skin from ACNE!

Kills FOOT FUNGUS! Spray your feet & shoes daily to stop bacteria & fungus growth.

Lightly mist your face & neck, let dry naturally or 
apply Affera`s Raw Moisturizer and blend together for best results.

To kill germs in the air & keep your house smelling fresh spray in the air, in the bathroom, on furniture, bedding, linens to help fight bacteria

Spray on your Dogs Paws and in between their pads to kill fungus & germs. Works wonders!!

No artificial fragrances, no chemicals & no toxins.


Ingredients: Filtered Water & Teatree Essential Oil. 120ml Our Essential Oils do not contain any alcohol or toxins therefore are safe to inhale and spray onto skin.