Sheer Moisturizer

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Due to popular demand Affera's Sheer Moisturizer is now available in a larger size - 30 ml!  Ingredients: Rosehip-Extra Virgin Oil (rosa rubiginosa), Grapeseed Oil (vitis vinifera), vegetable glycerin.

Affera has formulated a light, transparent Sheer Moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling like Satin! 

It is good for all skin types including those Men who like to take care of their skin!

The Oils contain high amounts of Vitamin E, Vitamin A & essential fatty acids. Your Skin Will be its Healthiest! 

Prevents Wrinkles, Relieves Dark Circles, Clears up Acne & Eczema, Heals Stretch Marks & Treats Sunburns.

Affera's Sheer Moisturizer is Hypoallergenic to not irritate sensitive or acne prone skin and Antibacterial to help prevent breakouts.

One of Affera's Loyal Male customers has this to say:
"I absolutely love my "For Him" spritzer and the Sheer Moisturizer. My skin feels refreshed and more energized and has a really healthy glow to it. If I have missed a couple days, I can add more of the Sheer Moisture to my face before bed and wake up looking less puffy and tired. Usually it is easy to regulate a little Sheer Moisture everyday that doesn't make my skin shiny and overly moisturized. I have also noticed that my skin does not burn as easily in the sun when I am at work."
Thank you!