Organic Glacial Clay Soap

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Affera's Organic Glacial Clay Soap is made with Organic Coconut Oil & BC Glacial Clay. 

Coconut Oil is a natural emollient that will clean your pores without taking out your natural oils necessary for maintaining a natural ph balance. It will lather and sparkle leaving your skin clean with no soapy film. 

BC Glacial Clay is rated 3rd in the world with over 30 Minerals! 
The Minerals in the Clay are a Natural Antibacterial Cleanser, 
Astringent Skin Toner & 
retains Moisture to give you Healthy Younger Skin. 

Our Organic Glacial Clay Soap is good for acne prone skin as well as aging sensitive skin!


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Water & BC Glacial Clay. A few of BC Glacial Clay's Natural Minerals are: Sodium which acts as a natural cleanser and aids hydration; Magnesium is a natural skin toner & helps to retain moisture; and Potassium that contains antibacterial properties & has an astringent effect.