Organic Coconut Face & Body Soap

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Organic, No Fragrance, No Artificial Colors, 100% Vegetable, No Alcohol, Biodegradable = No skin irritation 

Aids Rosacea, Acne, Eczema, Aging & Sensitive Skin.

Don't forget to take with you in the shower, all over your body to help lock in moisture & prevent dry skin.

Affera Cosmetics Organic Coconut Face & Body Soap is moisturizing and will not dry out your skin as there is no alcohol. It is very healing for those with sensitive skin issues. Our Soap may be used as a facial cleanser as well as all over your body. Organic Coconut Glycerin is a natural emollient that will clean your pores without taking out your natural oils necessary for maintaining a natural ph balance. Our soap will lather and sparkle leaving your skin clean with no soapy film. Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil & Water. 100 g *Tip - As our Soaps are 100% Vegetable they will dissolve quickly in water, do not leave in your shower under direct water spray.